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The UK Home Office has made many changes in the procedure for UK visas and residency documents.

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Since 2019 the Home Office no longer wants original documents to be sent to them by post (they still can ask for passports and some specific items). This change is welcomed by many however it does create its own problems.

For certain applications such as spouse visa applications , there are lots of requirements and so the number of documents and files can be large. The Home Office and their partners have set up online portals and emails accounts to receive the document bundles.

The documents required can come in different types and sizes, this has created difficulty for many applicants. Wrong size, wrong format, upside down, too many items etc

The online portals also have set 6MB limit per file. If sending via email your email server can have limits anything between 10MB and 25MB in total for the email being sent. Also having large number of small files can mean items are missed, lost or not seen and so not considered.

Many have faced difficulties where the files they have are too large (6MB or more), has password protection on them by default such as Bank Statements, payslips and work letters. You are not be able to upload or email the files if they are too large, also if it has password protection or is in the wrong format, if you do manage to upload or send it they may disregard it due to password protection or other access issues.

Documents bundle help

We have extensive experience in creating bundles, reducing file size, less files (combine multiple bank statements or payslips into one file) and also removing passwords. For a small fee you could have us create for you a tidy, concise, presentable, easy to navigate bundle which makes it a breeze for the Home Office decision maker to consider and so a better and quicker outcome. We can also assess your bundle so that it meets all the requirements and also provide a cover letter.

We can access your files on a cloud server such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, icloud and create another folder with the finished bundle ready to upload on the same day or next day for little as £50.

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