Why you should choose us?

We offer FREE overview consultation on the telephone and respond to email queries. We speak in simple language and in your native language if required. We try to understand your case, see what options you have and ask you to decided with our help the best option to move forward. We will always inform you of your options as honestly and frankly as possible. We put your interests and objectives as priority and focus on getting you results.

Over 20 years experience

We work as a team and also consult our wide range of specialists to make sure we are giving you the best possible chance to succeed in your initial application, extension, Admin Review, Appeal or Judicial Review matter

Easily in touch

We are a forward thinking and technology embracing company. You can connect with us particularly your case worker on Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and we are happy to keep you updated via email, SMS or instant messaging.

Simple fixed fees

For vast majority of our clients we are able to give fixed fee estimates. This means that you know what it will cost you and can pay our fees in installments

One stop shop

We have a wide range of service providers who provide good quality services. If you need a service we dont provide we are happy to assist you and point you in the right direction.

The history

Wafi Solicitors was setup in 2017 by an Information Technology graduate who joined the law sector after many years in the business world. He studied law and practiced this field for many years. He wanted to combine his experience in technology and law. He noted that most law firms and immigration offices are still in the pre-Facebook era. At Wafi we want to change that and make sure our service and methods are the simplest and best by the new and connected world standards.

Our solicitors and consultants are required to have wide experience within a law office for many years. This means that you are receiving a service from someone who has experience in other fields. This means they understand how business, personal injury, immigration, family and other legal areas interact with each other. We aim to provide you with hands on wholesome and direct service, guide you through the steps and processess.

We speak your language and understand your culture.

Our Team

Hamza Ahmed
Senior Solicitor
Saleh Begh
Saleh Begh
Senior Solicitor
Ibrahim Harbi