In light of the ongoing Coronavirus emergency we want to reassure our clients and colleagues that Wafi Solicitors remains accessible and is fully prepared to continue its provision of legal advice and assistance across all its practice areas.

The firm is closely following government guidelines to ensure that all of our clients, external colleagues and staff members are protected. Safeguarding health whilst we provide services has been our number one priority.

Digital Office

The firm had been running a fully digital office since the beginning of 2018 where much as 85-95% of our files was already run through paper-less systems. This enables our staff and clients to have a seamless experience when remote working is enabled. Of course some original documents was necessary and may continue to be required in their original form going forward. We are required to check original identity documents when we open files or make financial transactions.

Serving in our clients’ best interests at all times is paramount and our team remains committed to uphold their professional responsibilities. The work we carry out aims to protect the most vulnerable in society and defend the rule of law which requires that justice be universally accessible and available; probably now more than ever.

Face-to-face meetings

Although it is our aim to limit face-to-face contact at this time across all offices, our lawyers remain fully available thanks to a number of communication options that we have in place. Our lawyers continue to be on hand during business hours and via a number of communication channels, please speak to your lawyer/contact about making alternative arrangements that are suitable to you.

We assure you we have robust plans, policies and protocols in place to manage our professional commitments and responsibilities during these unprecedented times, and to further cope with the challenges that may arise over the next few months.

Service availability

Please do note that, although our office and staff are able to continue to work, some services may not be available, particularity if your matter requires filing or attendance to Courts, Tribunals or third party offices, which may have limited or no service at all, now or in the foreseeable future. We will consider alternatives and possible strategies but expect there to be a moratorium on some aspects in the interim period.

Please stay safe and contact us if you have any concerns or questions about our response to Coronavirus.

By working together we will be able to navigate through this difficult time.

Please contact us to discuss your case and how matters can progress.

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